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At Bangla Remit, our mission is to ensure safer and faster online money transfer service to Bangladesh.

Bangla Remit was born in the heart of London armed with 15 years of remittance experience professionals, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide a great customer experience while sending money home. Bangla remit aims to provide best online money transfer service to Bangladesh by giving competitive rates and lower fees. Our target is to create a trustworthy brand identity in people’s heart who believes we will stand next to them in their needs by reaching their financial support to their families, friends and businesses back home. We believe our digital solution will ease the hassle of sending money home in a secure way. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and we promise to give our best by making sure your remittance reach home on time. Bangla Remit is your dedicated money transfer specialist with thousands of locations across Bangladesh for cash pick-up or bank deposit. Sending money home is more fun with our optimised website and apps. It takes minutes to create a profile and you will receive FREE notifications when your family member or friend collects the transfer. We are ensuring that you can:

Transfer money securely and easily

Benefit from competitive exchange rates and promotions

Enjoy a global service with local language support

Real time tracking for the transaction status

Get thousands of locations across Bangladesh for cash pick-up or bank deposit

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